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The day the teacher became the student 

Love so much the community #tribe thank you KA 

Have you ever been caught up in the situation?  Looking at what I now recognize as, the weed.

Versus – getting perspective from somebody and realizing that the root is something else all together.

Plus the fact that it was sent from the universe. Just confirmed.

Thank you Father. 

Find them complete – see them complete – whole. Just as your Father sees you whole and complete.

I was focused on a child and the growth and development (a.k.a. work) that I thought needed done.

Foolish, nobody’s perfect, not even me. And to be met with Grace,

I am so grateful. 

Side note – who am I? humble 

I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you 

I am whole – you are complete – we are perfect 

I did a live today on Instagram and talked about ego 

a healthy ego is important, a hurt and damaged ego, well 

we know as they say, hurt people hurt. We are all growing 

God saved me from a face plant. Grateful

guide Council, warriors protection, the open chairs –

I am in includer –

I bring people into the fold. 

Empty seats are for those I have yet to meet.

Love you all #Glow


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