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Someone to Relate

Talking to my Uncle Kerry about not knowing any Kleppinger’s that go half speed. See I am adopted into the name. But after 43 years it gets ingrained into your DNA. Heads up kids.
Find your tribe some say.

If humans could just open their heart some and show who they really are.

We would find we are all broken at some point. Hurt in need of healing.

And the conditioning I grew up in had me scared to confront things I had issue with. How I would perceive something wasn’t correct. What appeared real to me wasn’t real at all.

So after so many years I discovered my voice. To talk strong in my selfish desire. To seek clarity when it was challenging or difficult. To push past the perception and find the truth. Wow. There ya go.

Push past the perception and find the truth.

Praise God. Thank you Source and Holy Spirit. You are so righteous dude 🕺

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